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Why people that file after me get their refund before me?

Asked by: jbell 998 views YA Discussion

I’m genuinely curious. Turbo tax states that they work first in-first out. Basically first to do taxes is the first to go to IRS. Of course I get that once to the IRS it’s out of TT hands, but what process does the IRS use? I e-filed 1/24 and was accepted “early” on 1/26. I get that doesn’t mean a thing. My return still sat until 1/30. But…I had a simple return. I don’t get EIC, or education credits. Just a simple return but yet tons of people that filed after me even some that filed as late as 1/30, already have their refunds. If I had a complicated return or was due a large refund I could maybe understand. But it’s a tiny refund compared to these EIC people getting 7-8-9k back! It just aggravates me that there is no reason behind it, no method, no way to really get the process. Anyone an insider and know why this occurs? No need for nasty answers like I’m jealous and all that. I paid 9k into fed taxes alone and I’m barely getting 2k back so yes when I see people pay $ 3k in and get 7k back and get to take their kids to Disney, yeah I’m jealous and I’m mad. Cause I’m paying for their trip that I can’t afford, but if I didn’t have to pay 7k in taxes after my refund I could take my kid to Disney too.

1 Answers

  1. prettigirl01 on Feb 04, 2013 Reply

    i used TT filed on the 26th and mine will be in my account tomorrow. not trying to brag but i know how u feel and would be frustrated too. i dont know any inside info on that but i did think that ppl who filed first would get theirs back first i see now thats not the case. but keep checking irs.gov and hopefully its coming soon

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