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Why is the IRS taking forever with my EFIN?

Asked by: epondel 709 views YA Discussion

I applied for my EFIN at the beginning of February, around the first, as I was just getting my business started. I had everything else underway, my PTIN, EIN, did not have to register with the state since I am a sole proprietor and got approval from the city and county.

I followed all steps in applying for my EFIN, immediately got my fingerprints and sent them in, they have all necessary documents, but still for 2 full months I have heard nothing, no updates to the system other than saying all necessary documents were received.

I have a clean record, the worst thing I have on my records was driving on a revoked, and I missed the court date due to an error on the letter they sent, it said thursday, but the date was a tuesday. So, according to the IRS they said it should be fairly swift. Well, it is coming up on the end of tax season and I have lost customers because they don’t want to paper file, plus the limit is only 10 paper filings as they are trying to go to e-filing.

I am really just wondering if there is a reason they are behind or if I need to call them to find out what is going on. This caused a major loss of income and seems to be that I wasted my money on it.

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