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Why is my refund taking so long?

Asked by: megan 1273 views YA Discussion

I filed my w-2 on 2/2 using Turbo Tax online and was accepted 2/3. I chose for Turbo Tax to have the fees taken out of the my refund. Could this be why? It’s been 11 weeks and still no refund or release date or any info on it when I check the IRS site. All it says is “your return has been received and is being process”.

1 Answers

  1. Cory on Apr 13, 2012 Reply

    It can take several weeks to process refunds, but that does seem like a long time. You might try calling the IRS and checking the status.

    It likely doesn’t have anything to do with the fees from TurboTax; the IRS just moves at the pace of the federal government…which falls somewhere between frozen molasses and comatose snail of the speed scale.

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