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18 Answers

Why is my IRS refund taking so long for my tax return? I filed on February 1st.?

Asked by: allcreaturesvh 25505 views YA Discussion

I filed on February 1st through H&R Block and was told I would receive my refund on February 15th. I STILL HAVEN’T RECEIVED IT and this morning on “Wheres my refund?” it told me the anticipated refund date was to be direct deposited on March 6th now! What’s going on with the IRS? Is anyone else having this problem?
Also, does anyone know when exactly we will get our refund during the week? Are there only certain days we can get the refund or do they refund every day? I really need a little information regarding this. I’m expecting to pay bills with my refund, I wish I would’ve known this was going to happy before I dried out my bank account last week.

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18 Answers

  1. wild on Feb 19, 2012 Reply

    You are not alone. Like you and I so many filed between feb 1-3, and maybe earlier and have not received anything yet. I got a DD of 3/6 yesterday then later on nothing. Then this morning it was back to 3/6, now tonight there’s nothing. I was told not to believe WMR cause it’s giving out wrong dates. So let’s hope it’s next…….

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  2. tim_house2003 on Feb 19, 2012 Reply

    I filed on Feb 4th. I did not see an update on the WMR site until Feb 15th. At that time it said my refund would be the 28th. I checked again this morning and it updated to the 22nd. According to your filing date and the irs refund chart you should see a refund date of the 22nd also. But they are behind and being very cautious this year, so you may be another week behind and see yours on the 28/29th. Keep checking the site, it updates randomly throughout the day 7am-7pm

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  3. kitty on Feb 19, 2012 Reply

    I filed on the 2nd with TT and still have not received my DD, either. The IRS released a new version of their E-File software (which is what ALL tax prep websites like TT and HR Block ultimately send your tax forms to), and it was really, really buggy. On Feb 11, the IRS asked all the tax prep service providers like TT, HRB, etc to switch back to their old E-File software. It’s going to be backed up for a while. I would not even trust the DD estimates from WMF. Basically, you do not have any way of knowing if your return is going to be processed by the old system or the new system. If it is processed by the new system, your DD can happen any day of the week. If it is picked up by the old system, your DD can only happen on Fridays, unless they recently changed their old software…and the IRS should know better than to touch their legacy system in production when their new E-File is so broken.

    Good luck to you! There are thousands of us waiting for our refunds.

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  4. Lynne on Feb 19, 2012 Reply

    The IRS used to do direct deposits only on Fridays. However, with the new electronic filing system, deposits can now be made any day of the week.

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  5. StephenWeinstein on Feb 19, 2012 Reply

    It is not taking “so long”. February 1st was less than three weeks ago, which is not nearly enough time. Six weeks is a normal amount of time. There is no problem with the IRS.

    The problem is with H&R Block. They should not have told you that you would get it on February 15.

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  6. Rhonda on Feb 19, 2012 Reply

    The IRS is behind about a week. I like you am waiting to pay bills and get things caught up. Do not trust any date on the WMR site. Unfortunately Monday is a holiday, so if you didn’t get it yesterday or today the soones to expect it would be Tuesday. They are doing DD daily. I saw an earlier post from someone else that says the new system is not doing returns on a 1st come 1st serve basis but alphabeically which could explain alot.

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  7. Elijah on Feb 19, 2012 Reply

    Just hope they are not reviewing it

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  8. Leslie on Feb 21, 2012 Reply

    At least you are getting an answer. I filed on Feb 2nd and the wmr is not even acknowledging that they have any record of me or my refund.

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    • courtney blaney on Feb 23, 2012 Reply

      Leslie, keep trying. give it time with that. i checked mine for 3 weeks before it said anything about a date at all.

      I agree with what everyone is saying. they should have tested this out prior to the “mass” of filers during tax season.

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  9. Jane on Feb 22, 2012 Reply

    I recieved my acceptance from IRS on 02/02/12. I checked today (2/22/12) and my DD is not due unitl 03/06/12 – 5 weeks for efiling is too long. My state – by paper -is due back before my efile. Friends that filed after me, are getting their back sooner. WHy did they mess with their system during the tax season? What “testing” was done by the IRS before implementing this new software at tax time? This is not an H&R or TT issue its the IRS. Best of luck to everyone.

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    • Christi Spicuzza on Feb 25, 2013 Reply

      What is the first letter of your last name? I filed on 2/1 and still nothing and some people are saying that they are processing alphabetically… just wondering mine is S

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  10. courtney blaney on Feb 23, 2012 Reply

    I am in the same boat. I filed mine on 2/4 and it was accepted by IRS by 2/5 … i went to the refund cycle chart created by the IRS and it showed 2/15… it took like 3 weeks for my date to even show up , due to delays with their new security system. now mine shows 3/6 as expected date.

    I have a friend who did her refund on 2/10 and she received her’s this morning. wowowowow. WTH…. SMH. I dont get it. this is definitely NOT the historical 10-21 days from acceptance date.

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  11. carter on Feb 23, 2012 Reply

    i did my taxes on jan 28th and still no date shows up on the wmr site i have still not received my tax return and dont know when i will i see now that alot of people are having this problem. this sucks they sould have never changed the system

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  12. Michael Marichalar on Apr 16, 2012 Reply

    I file my return on March 16. I am still getting “Your tax return has been received and is being processed” on April 16. I am not getting a refund, buy am needing the information finalinzed to complete my FAFSA application. I am also having to go through “Verification” for FAFSA, which requires this information. I am starting to worry as the May 1st priority deadline is quickly approaching (will not receive aid prior to class in the fall if do not meet) and I do not have the ability to pay for class prior to class.

    Does anyone know if filings with refunds are taking higher priority than non refunds, due to prior system issues? I can see their logic, but can you see above there are others affected financially as well with $0.00 returns. Anyone with any information would be greatly appreciated, if at least to help ease my stress.

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    • kimberly rowe on Apr 18, 2012 Reply

      MIchael you should be able to transfer your taxes online to your fasfa thru the fasfa website . Its a IRS data retrival tool. Idid mine two days ago and the school has alrealdy gotten my information. I did’nt efile till the 25th of march and was able to tranfer the infor they wanter for the fasfa. Hope this helps

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    • dianna c on Apr 26, 2012 Reply

      i filed mine on the 16th as well, first it said my deposit would be april 3rd, then it changed to your return has been recieved and being processed. as of 4/26/12 no refund yet. like most i need to pay bills to

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  13. raudel on May 31, 2012 Reply

    I filed feb 18 and its may 31 wats all this bs of 1 week or 2 people are crying about. Its been over 3 efn months wtf. Today i called to get an answer and i was on hold for an hour n a half to get a lame response saying that its going to be procesed and to wait 45 days so this means its now going to be an additional 45 days so they can get ther shit striaght. I wants answers not no stupid excuses! stupid gov im tired of it

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  14. Stephanie on Mar 09, 2013 Reply

    Im havng the same issues. I filed on jan31 and i was sent an email on feb 15 saying that my tax was receieved by IRS. I log on to the site everyday and it stil says its processing. I called IRS on mar7 and they told me that they will send me out a letter. I asked them, what the letter was about, and the lady told me she doesnt know! Are you kidding me… So i asked to speak to someone who can better assist me and she said there is mo one else to speak with and I should receieve “a lettef” in the mail. Smdh….

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