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20 Answers

Why is my 2012 tax return taking so long?

Asked by: Jesica Hogan 14167 views YA Discussion

i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about tax returns this year. i filed on 03feb2012 irs accepted on 04feb12. it took about 12 days to finally get info on the irs wmr site and its telling me it should be sent out on 28feb12. now im no mathematician but by my count thats 24 days from the irs acceptance date. thats defnately not in the “historical” 10 to 21 days bs the irs has on its website. what gives? this is effing bs! i need my money and have been patiently waiting like many of us have been. anyway it could actually come sooner? i cant believe this garbage, first im being told our government has 120,000 of us soldiers on the chopping block in the next five years with 80,000 of us gone this year alone, and now i cant even get my refund in a reasonable about of time. any answers or help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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20 Answers

  1. Cory on Feb 18, 2012 Reply

    Because federal is behind that’s what they told me I still haven’t got mine either they said it would be around the 27th maybe even later

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  2. Russ B on Feb 18, 2012 Reply

    First, you mean your 2011 tax refund, not “2012 tax return”. Not all tax returns have a refund.

    Okay, I am going to be very blunt. Because of the rampant tax fraud the IRS developed a new computer system that included a new fraud program. Guess what the fraud program worked to well. And, it was delaying so many returns, the powers that be decided that since it is an election year this can’t happen. So, the IRS had to change gears mid-stream.and are still trying to catch up.

    I make a living opposing the IRS, but I do have to say they do a very good job at what they do given the rules that the congress passes and they have to try to enforce. Make up your mind do they want fraud stopped…or do they want it stopped in a non-election year? Congress approved the change of computer systems….but?

    So at this point they have suspended the new and faster system, for the old system. Well, faster for the normal return. So they have to transfer all of that data to the old system. Considering the sheer numbers involved you might understand a delay.

    Meaning everyone is now under the old system…and you are bitching about 3 days late.
    If you are really in the military you should be use to this…it will happen when it happens.

    I don’t like it any more than you do…if you want it changed…VOTE!

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    • Destiny Cleveland on Feb 25, 2012 Reply

      I must say this post has been the most accurate and well said post. Dont like your money being screwed with then do something about it. Kudos to you friend!…and just for the record I to have still not received my return and its been since Feb. 6th. I also NEED my money for a house I bought but in the end there is nothing I can do. Im just glad I did mine myself this year and did not spend the 300+ to have it faster hahaha

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  3. kima wilson on Feb 21, 2012 Reply

    why are u soooo unprofessional russ b? 1st off you’re using profanity and 2nd what does voting have 2do with how fast and on time our taxes come? YALL don’t delay taking it from our blood sweating money! and it’s crazy that every time something goes wrong they blaim the black man! no matter what history we change or make(positively)… no matter how successful we are it’s never good enough for no1! that’s exactly why i hope & pray he wins again so YALL CAN SHUT THE FUCK UP! and ima make sure that every1 in my family and all my friends vote this year russ so thanks for proving my assumptions right ASSHOLE!….

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    • Cassie on Feb 27, 2013 Reply


      Thank you well said! Voting has nothing to do with IRS holding up our money. The IRS failed to test or up date their systems in a timely manner, this to me is the problem. I filed my taxes on Jan. 28 a couple of days before the start date; and I have one of those 8863 forms and I had to wait until the 14th or 15th before they even accepted my returns and of course I still haven’t received them yet. I have a couple of co-workers that had the same form and they have received theirs. So I don’t really understand the IRS process but I do know that this is totally ridiculous and they definitely need to do a better job next year. And Kima don’t let ignorant people get on your nerves, what they fail to realize is that OUR PRESIDENT that’s right OURS is doing the best job that he can, considering he came into a messed up situation from the beginning. The elected person before him wasn’t all that, so I don’t know what the hell their problem is with OUR president. HE ROCKS & Most of all HE IS AN AFRICAN AMERICAN & I LOVE IT!

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  4. Shaun on Feb 25, 2012 Reply

    Its sad the IRS can be late refunding but when I was late I received a 6k late fee! The government sucks!

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  5. chris on Feb 26, 2012 Reply

    I don’t think he was talking about the president. I believe the house of representatives makes the tax laws. So you’re ignorant rant about everyone blaming the “black man” proves that you’re a racist idiot who only voted for the president because he is black. Just saying. Look at the pot calling the kettle “black”

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  6. KC on Apr 10, 2012 Reply


    I agree. Ignorant is right. Nobody blamed the “black man” despite the fact his approval rating is lower than low. I like the fact she starts by pointing the finger at Russ B informing bloggers of his unprofessionilism and then goes on to tell us to, “shut the fuck up!” Wow! And when you are typing, Kima, why don’t you try to speak with a level of professionialism. We don’t appreciate the ebonics. By saying YALL and IMA completely discredits your arguement. It just shows how uneducated you are. It’s a shame! There is plenty of government funding for you to go back to school and get your education.

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  7. Tammy peoples on Feb 05, 2013 Reply

    I want to know why it’s taking so long for return to be accepted when I don’t have an education credit. I filed e file Jan. 30 and it’s still pending.

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    • Nicky on Mar 13, 2013 Reply

      I have the same issue. At first the IRS system gave a refund date. Then it changed to processing. I check every day. At one point it gave a new refund date. Now, the system has changed back to “processing”. The same applies to my state refund.

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  8. stacy on Feb 16, 2013 Reply

    I believe the new tax laws that were approved late and then were made to effect the 2012 year is causing a lot of delays. Also, some people don’t receive their W-2s until near the end of the month (Jan) and when the IRS delayed accepting tax returns it made three weeks worth of returns entered at one time. Now with the government’s budget cuts (although they hire temps for the tax season), hours are being cut and less temps. are being hired. So if you think about it these two reasons make sense.
    What I do is go on line through tax free usa, they do not charge for federal returns but they do to process state returns (so if your state does not have a state income tax, you can not use this). Although the IRS was not accepting returns until Jan. 30th 2013, I went ahead and filed and paid on Jan. 16 2013. I just had to wait until the federal and state to accept them. I got an email that my federal was accepted JAN 26 (I was surprised so early and a Sat.) and my state was accepted on Jan 31. Now my federal was deposited in my account on Feb. 4, but I am still waiting on state.
    Good luck to everyone/

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    • nikki florida on Feb 23, 2013 Reply

      I’m outraged that our government has forgotten that the small guy, or (lower-mid) class families ARE primarily the reason for economic growth in communities. We are hard working citizens, that depend on our returns to merely get caught up on debt, provide for our children, or simply PUT FOOD ON THE TABLE. My family has become homeless, due to this “lack of leadership” or “budget cuts” whatever the excuse. I have never been put in this position, we are just like the family down the street from you. Being led to expect my refund on the 8th of Feb, no later than the 15th Feb. of 2013. Still have not gotten it. I sincerely pray for every family that can relate. So, this is my message to the government, quit giving/excepting salaries some of us will never make in a lifetime, and do your job! I’m proud to be an American, however disgusted by our selfish leaders or some call our government. Obama, if you want to make a difference, act on this issue. I could write a book on this topic. SO FED UP!!! Sleep well tonight in you comfortable beds…………….

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  9. mmchamberlain on Feb 23, 2013 Reply

    I pay for the college education of my children-due to the small-2500, tax credit per student my tax return was delayed in acceptance. I did not vote for the president regardless of the color of his skin. The US gov’t is in a ruination phase. Actually suggesting furloughs for gov. employees-look at the cost wasted: senators & congressmen-retirement for life after 1 term (if they run for another office they get that retirement too-limit their retirement to 1 plan and we would save)not having to pay into the crummy health insurance plans posed-even the guy-Obama-who made the mess is not an affected party, and the costs he and his family spend yearly is UNREAL.
    One day there may be no tax returns=but this year is the worst-excuse after excuse. My tax return was accepted 2/6 and still have not been processed per the IRS site. This is not how the US gov’t used to run-there was accountability-read the US Constitution.

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    • nikki florida on Feb 23, 2013 Reply

      Great way to express your message. thx

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  10. Kirstin on Feb 25, 2013 Reply

    I e-filed and my return was accepted 2/4. it has been pending ever since then with no refund date, no nothing. I filed a 1040EZ — single, no dependents, no write offs, nothing. Basic. And they still can’t process 6 numbers on a return. I am fed up. You can’t call anyone to ask. Allegedly 90% of taxpayers are getting their refunds within 21 days… i imagine that is a big fat lie. Anyone else file a 1040EZ and are having to wait 3-4 weeks to have it just processed?

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  11. Nichole on Feb 27, 2013 Reply

    I filed my tax return on feb 7. It was not accepted until feb 15 because of the education credits. I have already received my state tax return which is surprising since Utah is one of the slowest states out there. I have never received my Utah state tax return before my federal return. Does anyone know if “where’s my refund” will tell me if there is a problem with my 2012 taxes or do I have to call. Since feb 15th the status on my return says that it is being processed and gives me no date as to when my refund is expected to be direct deposited. How long should I wait to call and talk to someone at the IRS, and is does the 21 days include weekends or is it 21 business days?

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  12. Tracy Colodny on Mar 07, 2013 Reply

    I filed January 23, 2013 and I got an email saying the IRS accepted my return January 31st and I should receive my refund with in 21 days. well March 4th was the 21 business day and I have been checking my bank account everyday. I called H&R Block on March 4th and they told me because i have the student tax credit my return wasn’t looked at until February 14th or 15th but the IRS should be releasing the money sometime this week well it is Thursday March 7th and still no refund. I really need my money too my son is having surgery next week and i have to travel two hours just to get to the hospital….

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  13. patience on Mar 25, 2013 Reply

    i know were a bit upset with our govrment. but finger pointing and giveing russ a hard time
    is not the way to go. yes the goverment has had a lot of bumps in the tax return department,
    but getting mad about it is not going to make it come any quicker.and really lets not have the black card pop up ,this is 2013 we need to just stop acting kids and be more adults .everyone has a opinion.and at times we say things in anger. its normal to feel the way you do.
    it will come and im being patient and thats all i and you can do at this point in time..
    god speed to all

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  14. Tina Chatmon on Apr 01, 2013 Reply

    I filed my 2012 tax return on Jan 28th 2013 but it was not accepted until Feb 15th 2013. I am a student with no income and claimed the educational tx credit. It is now April 1st 2013 and my taxes are still being reviewed. This is madness. I need that money to purchase school supplies and pay my phone bill. I dont understand why they are still reviewing my return. With no income what is there to review??????

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  15. missie on Apr 21, 2013 Reply

    my joint return has been in processing since 2/5/2013 and i still have not seen it. I dont have any idea what is going on but this sucks. wish i could sit on my butt and get paid to not do my job.

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