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3 Answers

Why hasnt my tax return come in yet?

Asked by: vpalmer 1636 views YA Discussion

I filed on Jan 31, 2013 and they said it would take 7-21 days for it to come, and it hasn’t yet? What should I do? Should I be worried? Should I call someone? If there is a number, what’s the number? Email? Please help.

3 Answers

  1. Caren on Feb 19, 2013 Reply

    not a full 21 days yet. have patience. this was answered by someone younger than you.

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  2. J D on Feb 19, 2013 Reply

    I have many difficulties with my refund.I was told my return is in the ERS Dept past couple weeks.I too filed on the 30th. Today my status changed to refund date will be provided when available . I called and got an extremely kind woman. This after many phone calls over weeks with people who were rude and could not give me any information but my refund was in Error Resolution System and I should receive a letter with more information they needed. Well, I never received a letter. When I spoke to the informative woman today she said the ERS had released it and now processing. She informed me I must have sent in the info the IRS needed. But, I never sent them anything nor received a letter form them! I think they are truly trying to hold on to our money. She said I should be getting in next 30 days. I told her I am going through financial hardship. She said that on their end it shows up at least a week in advance as to date of DD. She said I would have to wait at least a week to get it according to her screen. I hope she is wrong. Is this true if there is no DD listed when you speak to a representative , you will have at least a week to wait? And, it has been 21 days , I have received no letter it would be late. so, confused!

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  3. Robert Farrington on Feb 19, 2013 Reply

    The IRS issued guidelines this year that 90% of filers would receive their refund within 21 days. However, if you had any education tax credits or deductions, the IRS didn’t even look at your return until 2/14, which is when the 21 days will start.

    The bottom line is you still have a few more days of waiting before you should be worried.

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