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Why does it say Tax Blocked on my W-2?

Asked by: ubinas 1723 views YA Discussion

Im reading my W-2 form and it says Tax Blocked by the federal.
On box 2 for federal income tax withheld there is nothing taken out. No number.
Last year I did my taxes with a guy and i got a return and this time i did it over Turbo Tax and im getting nothing. Please help
What does exempt mean?
I made about 7600.
honestly i have direct deposit and never paid attention. Any way to ask for a copy of my stubs from HR?

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1 Answers

  1. rtfm on Apr 05, 2012 Reply

    It sounds like you declared yourself as “exempt” on your W-4.

    Did you expect to have a tax obligation this year? How much did you earn?

    And haven’t you been looking at ANY of your pay stubs for the entire year? Didn’t you NOTICE that no federal taxes were being withheld?

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