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2 Answers

Why do I not get all my federal taxes back?!!!!?

Asked by: livingeditor 975 views YA Discussion

I am doing my taxes and I am a full time student so I was under the impression I get all my federal taxes back. I worked 3 jobs last year and 2 of the jobs I got the full amount of federal taxes it said on my w2 but on the third it said they took out 400+ dollars in federal taxes and I only got $ 108 back how does that work?! I am very mad about it.

2 Answers

  1. rtfm on Mar 27, 2012 Reply

    If you are someone’s dependent (most students are) then you would owe some taxes on anything you earned over $ 5800 in a year.

    When you work more than one part-time job, they don’t always take out enough taxes from each one. Did you claim zero exemptions on each W-4? If not, then that’s what you should have done.

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  2. VampireDog on Mar 27, 2012 Reply

    there is something not quite right about your question: all the income from all your w-2 forms is consolidated as is all the taxes that were withheld….how do you know you got evertyhing back on two and 108 dollars on the third….??

    i don’t know how you could know that.

    you didn’t submit a separate return for each w-2 did you?

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