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Why are my taxes taking forever?

Asked by: sleff 1291 views YA Discussion

I did my taxes on the 4th of this month and they told me they’ll be here in 12-15 days so then I went on the 16th & asked if they were gonna get here soon & they told me they’ll be here on the 21st for sure & I got a call yesterday saying it’s going to take a little longer.& I checked online & it says they’re still being processed :/ .. Could they be taking longer because I did them in a different location this year? Because I have done my taxes in a different place for 4 years & this year I decided to go somewhere else. Or any other suggestions? (I live in Nevada btw)

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  • my tax refund is taking forever

1 Answers

  1. Corals mommy on Feb 23, 2013 Reply

    If you have the amount you are expecting on hand, go to irs.gov and go to “Where’s my refund?”. It’s nothing new, you can use this again next year. The information should be available to you by now. I filed Jan 28th online, due to certain credits it wasn’t taken in by the IRS until the 14th. Yesterday it finally said my return was approved and I could expect my return by Monday. At 1am this morning the money was in my account, less the fees charged by the company I used. The IRS is getting better at getting money to people. Check with them and be patient. If it says you should have had it by now, call them and report the tax preparer you used.

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