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2 Answers

Where’s the proof that Gypsies pay no taxes?

Asked by: megan 1104 views YA Discussion

And don’t the Daily Mail and the Daily Express as your sources (you people have been brainwashed by them enough as it is) as these papers are what’s left over from the collapse of the Third Reich.

Are all British people dumb? or do they just avoid the truth and live a lie? There is not one person in this backward country that don’t believe Gypsies pay tax. How would they know, where’s their hard evidence?

Also, they say we drive with no car tax or road insurance, impossible!!! the police has one job, and one job “alone” and that is dealing with motor offences, a priority that tops terrorism. No one could ever get away with tax avoidance, this is how councils and MP’s line their pocket.

So, is everyone born dumb, or did Brits get a disease of somekind that left them brain damaged? Or is it because they are naturally nasty, the stiff upper lip thing, I’m a better race than you attidude or whatever it is they do?

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  • do american gypsies pay taxes

2 Answers

  1. Amber on Aug 19, 2011 Reply

    From the way you express your views, you sound like a gypsy. You refer to them as ‘we.’ And why would the police be so hard on the Gypsies if they were innocent? Ey? The main problem we have is that they don’t get planning permission, and occupy green belt land, not respecting the local residents!

    Buy a house… oh wait, you’re living off of the government and can’t be bothered to as you’re comfy with OUR money

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  2. the tax lady on Aug 19, 2011 Reply

    It sounds like tax myths exist everywhere (I not exactly surprised, though).

    In the US, just substitute the phase “illegal alien” for Gypsy and you’d get the same balderdash.

    Yes, there are SOME people that try to evade taxes, don’t get insurance, etc, but it’s hard to stay off the radar.

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