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9 Answers

Where can I cash my tax refund check?

Asked by: epondel 4516 views YA Discussion

I don’t have a bank account and can’t open one. Can a bank still cash my check without a account? I live in Chicago.

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9 Answers

  1. falsi fiable on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    WalMart will charge you a few dollars. They are probably one of your least expensive options.

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  2. Landlord on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    Nothing can stop you from opening an account. You can take it to any check cashing service. A bank will not cash it unless you have an account with them though.

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  3. Ring0Rosie on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    Why can’t you open a bank account? I’ve had a bank account since I was 8 (with my parents too of course). There’s no reason an adult shouldn’t have a bank account. I suggest that if you’ve had issues with a bank that you either go to another one that’ll give you one or you use the money from your refund to pay back the bank if you owe them.

    Every self respecting adult needs a bank account.

    If not, go to a check cashing store, casino, bar or to walmart. They’ll change you a small fee for every check.

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  4. Yalanda on Feb 16, 2012 Reply


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  5. CoCokiss on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    I believe wells fargo cash in checks for free if you are a student. Good luck

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  6. rtfm on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    Maybe you should use that check to pay back whatever you owe and get out of the Chex system so that you *can* open a bank account. It’s hard being an adult without one.

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  7. tro on Feb 16, 2012 Reply

    they might, you may have to shop the banks in your area
    I understand Wal Mart cashes checks for people without bank accounts, and of course there are all kinds of check cashing offices

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  8. jaoconne on Mar 08, 2012 Reply

    You know what? This is to respond to all these people who don’t understand that sometimes things happen in life, even to ADULTS!!! For example, I had a bank account, good credit, etc… and then my NOW ex-husband destroyed everything I had worked so hard for. I am still correcting the financial mess he made of my life, including the fact that he ran up our joint bank account to the point where they had to freeze it. Yes, it is hard to be an adult without a bank account, and yes, I am a financially responsible adult. I am just now a single mother on a low wage job trying very hard to correct things, very slowly. So, to ALL you people so quick to judge….. try imagining yourself in a bad situation before you condemn someone.

    And good luck finding an answer to your question, epondel. I wish I had an answer that could help. Just know you aren’t alone….

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  9. tits on Mar 04, 2013 Reply

    brown chicken brown cow… everyone cashes chex nowadays and everyone wants some of my gawdamm money… fuq these coqsukers… my bank shut my acct down because i had too little money in it after they wanted to chenge their fuqn policy… my gf lost her job and same thing happened to her at a different bank… i wouldnt use a bank if they werent so fuqn important for bills n shlit… so for now i carry hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars in my pocket (mostly cuz im a gangster and banks are ball washing dirtbags) back to the topic at hand… you need a damn bank acct to cash it for free… anywhere else will charge you and most banks wont even cash it… im in ny and keybank charges five dollars flat

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