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2 Answers

When will i get my tax refund?

Asked by: minchk 718 views YA Discussion

mine got accepted on feb 1 and when i get the where my refund it gave me a date of feb 7 or the latest feb 12 and after the 7th passed i checked again and now i says we have received your taxes and its being processed and i still dont have it when will i get it?
i have dd on my refiund

2 Answers

  1. Ursugardaddy on Feb 12, 2013 Reply

    The check would arrive whenever it arrive. The IRS has hired more auditors because they are within a lot of debt and trying to really keep money versus giving it away. You may not receive a check but receive a letter or notice from the IRS, it will explain the reason for the correspondence and provide instructions. Many of these letters and notices can be dealt with simply, without having to call or visit an IRS office.The notice you receive covers a very specific issue about your account or tax return. Generally, the IRS will send a notice if it believes you owe additional tax, due a larger refund or simply lied or made errors within your return.

    They are reviewing your tax return to verify the following:
    •Your income
    •The withholding you reported on your income and social security benefits
    •The tax credits you claimed
    •The household help you claimed
    •Your business income

    They could be holding your refund pending the results of their review. Take Care

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  2. exactduke on Feb 12, 2013 Reply

    Have you went to the IRS web site to see what you can find out??
    But looks to me, like you have 10 days to two weeks to go.

    When Will I Get My Refund?
    You can generally expect the IRS to issue your refund in less than 21 calendar days after we receive your tax return.

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