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When does the irs start depositing refunds?

Asked by: mflewis 2147 views YA Discussion

If the IRS dont open till the 30th, when are they gonna start yo deposit refund? Also I filed on the 24th with taxact, does anyone have any clue as to when I may recieve mine & when they are starting to deposit?

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  • When does the irs start depositing refunds

1 Answers

  1. Elizabeth on Jan 28, 2013 Reply

    The IRS will start processing filed returns on Wednesday, January 30th. Once your return has been accepted, the IRS advises that your refund will be deposited around 21 days after that. Generally, I have received my refund about 2 weeks after my return was accepted. It can also depend if you paid any filing fees yourself, or elected to have them taken from your refund. If you chose to pay with your refund, it will take an extra day or two to receive your refund.

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