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5 Answers

When can I file my 2013 tax return?

Asked by: allcreaturesvh 1631 views YA Discussion

First I heard it was the 23rd and now I hear it will be the end of the month. I want to know when I will get my refund.

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  • when can i file my 2013 tax return

5 Answers

  1. Indiana Frenchman on Jan 09, 2013 Reply

    from the web page (below):

    In general, the IRS begins accepting e-filed tax returns around mid-January. This date is subject to change if the IRS computer system is not updated and ready at that time. In 2013, the first day for e-filing is January 22.

    Read more: How Soon Can I File My Taxes? | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5033309_soon-can-file-taxes_.html#ixzz2HUeDy0ys

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  2. Allan on Jan 09, 2013 Reply

    Well the IRS has extended the date that they will begin processing returns. They will not start processing them until the 30th of January. Although this means your refund will be delayed until after your return is processed, you can ensure that your return gets filed as soon as possible with the IRS by filing electronically.TurboTax Online is currently allowing you to file your return right now and they will submit it to the IRS the minute they open processing. This will put you ahead of the line and allow you to receive your refund as soon as possible. Learn more here: http://www.harborfinancialonline.com/

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  3. Bobbie on Jan 09, 2013 Reply

    Enclosed information from the IRS facebook page about an hour ago. So no refunds until sometime in February.
    IRS will start accepting January 30 2013 for the 2012 FIT returns efiled online and then AFTER you do receive your notice from the IRS that they DID ACCEPT your return as you filed it to them to start the processing of it and IF the processing does NOT get delayed because of errors or more information being needed possibly within 21 days and some might receive them in only about a week from the ACCEPTED date. Last year some were received in about 5 to 7 days time after the ACCEPTED date for this purpose.
    Longer IF they do not have any delays during the period while it is being processed at that time in your life.
    Make sure that you do print the message that you do get when you do receive your notice from the IRS so that you can read it very slowly and carefully and try hard to understand what the message is telling you at that time n your life.
    Who Can File Starting Jan. 30?
    The IRS anticipates that the vast majority of all taxpayers can file starting Jan. 30, regardless of whether they file electronically or on paper. The IRS will be able to accept tax returns affected by the late Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) patch as well as the three major “extender” provisions for people claiming the state and local sales tax deduction, higher education tuition and fees deduction and educator expenses deduction.

    Who Can’t File Until Later?
    There are several forms affected by the late legislation that require more extensive programming and testing of IRS systems. The IRS hopes to begin accepting tax returns including these tax forms between late February and into March; a specific date will be announced in the near future.
    The key forms that require more extensive programming changes include Form 5695 (Residential Energy Credits), Form 4562 (Depreciation and Amortization) and Form 3800 (General Business Credit). A full listing of the forms that won’t be accepted until later is available on IRS.gov.
    List of IRS forms that 1040 filers can begin filing in late February or into March 2013
    The following tax forms will be accepted by the IRS in late February or into March after updating forms and completing programming and testing of its
    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 01/09/2013

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  4. tro on Jan 09, 2013 Reply

    2013? not until a year from now
    a 2012 tax return can be filed Jan. 30, the date was announced on Tuesday

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  5. candice p on Jan 09, 2013 Reply

    It was 1/22 but that was changed yesterday to 1/30

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