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2 Answers

What time of day does DD refund come in?

Asked by: jhuntres 138 views YA Discussion

Hi all. Any & all info is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
My refund is approved and I have a direct deposite date of March 6th (tomorrow!!). I was just wondering what time of day approximately that would be? I’m assuming after midnight duh but I’ve also heard around 2 am also. Any input?

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2 Answers

  1. Richard Anderson on Mar 06, 2013 Reply

    Why do you care? Do you need the money that bad that a few hours makes a difference?

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  2. Ariaread on Mar 06, 2013 Reply

    Midnight but so what if it is 2 am since your bank will not post the deposit till after 9 am the next business day.

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