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4 Answers

What should I expect for Orientation at Walmart?

Asked by: megan 9903 views YA Discussion

I just received a phone call from them saying that I passed the drug test and everything, and I have an orientation this Saturday from 9AM-4PM. I am hired as a ‘Dairy Stock’ person.

I already know about the clothes I have to wear and all that, but what should I expect at orientation? Also, anyone who’s familiar with the job I have to do (Dairy Stocker) how does all that work out? Anyone who does that or who is familiar with that I’d really appreciate some details!!!! Thanks in advance!

Asked: ❀_Thia_❀

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4 Answers

  1. Aaron on May 20, 2011 Reply

    To be treated like a child. There” training” consists of stupid games, as if your too dumb to be taught on an adult level.

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  2. Top Gun on May 20, 2011 Reply

    Being a team player work hard and long enough you may become a dept manager

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  3. McMike on May 20, 2011 Reply

    Don’t sweat orientation kid. The fact that you’re going through that shows that they care about you learning and knowing all you can about the job and want you to work out. Orientations are great because it’s the day you get to chill out, do your paperwork, watch videos and get introduced as the new person, where you’ll work, what you’ll do etc.

    If you’re in the dairy section then obviously you’ll need to dress warm. Bring a sweater, a lock (for your locker), get a good nights sleep, bring a good attitude and you’ll do fine. It won’t be anything too complicated or more than what you can handle. If you want to win some brownie points then do things like sweep, or clean up without having to be asked. Whatever’s easy and helps. The more brownie points you accumulate the better. SO RACK UP THOSE POINTS AND DON’T LEAVE THE STORE UNTIL YOUR NOSE IS NICE AND BROWN! :D

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  4. brentk0821 on May 20, 2011 Reply

    Well if its anything like my Sam’s Club Orientation you will go into a room with a bunch of other people there for the same thing, watch a video telling you stuff about the company, safety stuff, they will tell you what is expected of you in the job, maybe ask some questions, like the other guy said make you do stupid games. Then either that day or the next few have to do a lot of training test called CBL’s which are on a computer and you sit there through these long videos and do practice test and once to finish the test with minimum scores. You will likely then start your in store training, which most like will be you being pond off to a senior employee to show you the ropes basically.

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