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1 Answers

What is my NET pay according to my pay-stub? (See inside)?

Asked by: allcreaturesvh 671 views YA Discussion


And also what is my GROSS pay?

Please tell me how you calculated each.

BQ: Does it indicate if I am paid per week or otherwise?

1 Answers

  1. Because I said so on Apr 04, 2012 Reply

    The gross is stated at $ 385.96.
    The net is a bit more difficult because it is calculated differently based on who is asking. $ 195.12 is the amount that was deposited into your account and for all practical purposes that is your net. A couple other items should also be included in the net the loan and credit union deductions ($ 93.36) and some would include the union dues since it is an organization that you joined through employment. Putting all of these in the net would be $ 343.66.

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