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What is letter 4464C?

Asked by: Pedro 2235 views ITA Discussion

Like many on this website, I received a letter from the Integrity & Verifications Operations office soon after I filed my 2012 federal and state income tax returns.  Whereas many in my position–law students who worked over the summer at a law firm–have received their tax refunds (and rather quickly after filing their returns, I might add), I remain the only one in my group of similarly-situated students who has not received his refund and who, instead, got this delightfully vague letter.  The number appended to the letter is 4464C.  I need this money to study for the bar and for other living expenses.  The need is not pressing, but the loan money for this semester is not going to last forever.  I fear this may be an audit, but was reassured in previous postings that if the provenance of the letter is the Integrity & Verifications Operations office, then this isn’t an audit.  Is that really the case?  What does a 4464C letter really mean?  I’ve always been honest with the IRS and have never had problems with them.  It figures that at a time when I have to be scrupulously clean for my upcoming bar examination this summer, the IRS targets me unfairly (instead of other similarly-situated law students).  Sigh, the story of my life…

Anyway, I would appreciate any and all answers to the questions posed above so that I can get some clarification about what is really going on with my tax returns and my refund.  Thanks!

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1 Answers

  1. Tiffany on Feb 17, 2015 Reply

    I can understand your frustration because I received the same letter and of course it has come at an absolute worst time when time is of the essence for my case as well.

    There seems to be only speculations with no indefinite answers. I am hoping that many people like us whom received this letter can find some relief very soon….

    Crossing My Fingers…..

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