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What does tax topic 201 mean?

Asked by: fgr8out 1685 views YA Discussion

I owe taxes from 2011 ($ 2355). This year, my husband and I filed jointly and were supposed to receive $ 2700. I just checked wheres my refund, and it says that the refund was applied to a past due IRS tax obligation. And then, theres tax topic 201. When I click on that, it talks about the collection process and what to do if i do not pay my tax debt in full. Does this mean that our refund did not cover my tax debt? Or is this topic put on every status that owes money? The IRS isn’t open, so I cant call them.
For more info, this 201 topic is also known as the collection process and says that if i cannot pay my tax debt in full, i can make payments, etc. It doesn’t mention in here anything about receiving the difference, so I’m scared that our refund did not cover my debt 100%.

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