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3 Answers

Traveling construction worker tax deductions?

Asked by: sleff 922 views YA Discussion

I’ve worked in 5 different states this year? I know I can deduct lodging and food(50%) and mileage to an extent.. the question is what mileage can I deduct.. If I leave home and drive to another state for work I can deduct that mileage? Once I’m settled in another state can I deduct mileage from hotel to jobsite? when I leave and come home can I deduct that mileage?

3 Answers

  1. tro on Mar 02, 2013 Reply

    the hotel is not your ‘home’
    commuting is driving from home to your place of work and not deductible

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  2. Quick Answers on Mar 02, 2013 Reply

    Hire someone who understands the IRS issues with “tax home.” If you are working through a Union and regularly accept jobs in the same areas, the IRS may decide you have no tax home at all and that where-ever you are is where you live with no deductions at all.

    “I know I can deduct….” is a risky statement given the number of audits the IRS does.

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  3. Ali M on Mar 02, 2013 Reply

    Your mileage from home to your work office is commuting (Non-deductible), however, your mileage from your work office to your job is deductible. From your work office to the hotel (where your job site is) in addition to the mileage from the hotel to your job site are deductible. When your return you should go to your work office (that would be deductible) but from work office to home is commuting.

    Home ——-> Work Office (Commuting) (not deductible)
    Work Office ——–> Hotel ———>Work site (Deductible)
    Work site < ---------> Hotel ———> work office (Deductible)
    Work office —————> Home (Commuting) (not deductible)

    Good luck!

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