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Tax Return Transcript?

Asked by: sfbs 1191 views YA Discussion

I was curious to see if ordering a tax return (not account) transcript would speed up my process since I have read that so many people that have done it received a DD date soon after. I ordered one 2/12 and nothing has changed since -_- I received my transcript yesterday (2/19) and it showed a process date of 2/18 on the letter…does that mean that my return was processed on that date or that the tax return was processed on that date? I live in Nevada so since the IRS is in Sacramento, CA (based on the state I live in) I receive mail from CA within 2 days, never in one day, so in a way I kind of doubt that if the transcript was processed 2/18 I would have received it the following day unless the IRS pays for express mail. Anyone else receive their transcript that hasn’t gotten a DD date that showed a processing date on it? If so, did you end up getting your refund anytime soon after that process date? I’ve been waiting 3 weeks exactly today for my refund.

1 Answers

  1. Terri on Feb 20, 2013 Reply

    Ordering your transcript does not speed up the process at all. The only thing it means is that they have processed your return. Doesn’t mean they will give you a DD either. Just have to be patient is all. The good thing is, if you were able to order it and receive it, you’re not under review.

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