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5 Answers

Tax Refund Wmr Bars gone!?

Asked by: Long 2252 views YA Discussion

So i woke up this morning and i saw that the bar was gone and i have a new message on WMR….Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. Has anyone gotten this with and gotten their refund or DD soon after? just curious.

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5 Answers

  1. Go with the flow on Feb 15, 2013 Reply

    The bar was really stupid. Glad the bar is gone. Did not help.

    The IRS is having serious delays. It could take another week or two before they catch up.
    Next year, things could be worse.
    So increase your number of withholdings so the feds take out less from your paycheck, and you get a smaller refund.

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  2. chatsplas on Feb 15, 2013 Reply

    Many people making multiple inquiries daily, repeatedly, have stressed WMR, and it hasn’t been working as hoped.
    IRS says in less than 21 days of acknowledgment, you’ll have your refund, and it hasn’t been that yet.
    Seems most people are getting refunds in about two weeks, like last year.

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  3. brett w on Feb 15, 2013 Reply

    Same thing happened to me last week after i got approved/accepted with a mail date ‘opted for check’ and then next day the bar went away with the generic 21 day msg. My refund was dated to be mail on 2/13 and it takes about 3-4 days to for it to arrive in my mail box so either today or tomorrow I will know it it was sent or they are holding it back for whatever reason. I doubt they will approve/accept with a date of return just to put it back into processing all over again.. I have not received a letter from the irs either about an audit/review yet so I believe its just a glitch with the system.. I also was able to order my transcripts the day the bar went away also.. I will update in the next few day if I receive anything.

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  4. Valerie on Feb 15, 2013 Reply

    Yes, I am having the same problem.. I was acccepted on the 31st of jan…at first i seen the bars when it was accepted..Then it went to the “still processing” message..I have no clue what is going on..I did call the irs with no luck,,,The lady that i spoke with would not say anything other than it i did not have it in 21 days then call back… From what i am seeing on here a lot of ppl are having the same problem.. would like to know if anyone that got the “STILL PROCESSING” has got a refund yet??

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  5. euniceboyd on Feb 14, 2015 Reply

    I have the same problem so does a lot of others, dates hve started coming in and their is no topic at the bottom of something wrong, my friend had this today a date so i think we are ok and this helps you.

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