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4 Answers

Still havent gotten my refund!?

Asked by: posadas 1477 views YA Discussion

I was accepted feb 14 with an education credit and still havent got approved! And the WMR still says processing! i called the IRS they tell me the same thing still processing!! does anybody know whats going on?

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4 Answers

  1. Go with the flow on Mar 12, 2013 Reply

    Last year there was so much fraud with this education credit that the IRS is reviewing them this year manually. This takes time. Lots of it.
    Some kids were not even going to school full time. Can you believe it?
    Some were not even going to real accredited colleges.

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  2. Bobbie on Mar 12, 2013 Reply

    Will only happen when the time does come and the IRS does complete the processing of your 1040 FIT tax return. PATIENCE is really REQUIRED now.
    Probably needs a little more review at this time in your life for this purpose
    The IRS revised Form 8863, Education Credits, for Tax Year 2012 to help taxpayers and tax preparers understand the qualifications for the American Opportunity Tax Credit.
    Check boxes for lines 23-26 were added to confirm basic qualifications for taxpayers claiming this credit. If these lines are left blank, there will be a delay in the processing of the taxpayer’s return.
    To avoid delays, ensure your clients complete Form 8863 correctly.
    Use the search box at the http://www.irs.gov website for the form 8863 Education Credit line by line instructions for this purpose.
    Some or all of these expenses will be recorded on Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement. The student should receive a Form 1098-T from the educational institution that the student attended. If the student does not receive a Form 1098-T, the student should contact the educational institution and request the form.


    Publication 970 available at the http://www.irs.gov website for your use about the Tax Benefits for Education


    Normally, a student will receive a Form 1098-T from their institution by the end of January of the following year. This form will show information about tuition paid or billed along with other information. However, amounts shown on this form may differ from amounts taxpayers are eligible to claim for these tax benefits. Taxpayers should see the instructions to Forms 8863 and 8917 and Publication 970 for details on properly figuring allowable tax benefits.
    The credit targets the first four years of post-secondary education, and a student must be enrolled at least half time. This means that expenses paid for a student who, as of the beginning of the tax year, has already completed the first four years of college do not qualify. Any student with a felony drug conviction also does not qualify.
    The general comparison table in Publication 970 can be a useful guide to taxpayers in determining eligibility for these benefits. Details can also be found in the Tax Benefits for Education Information Center on IRS.gov.
    Where’s My Refund? Will not give you a refund date right away. We must first receive your tax return and then we have to process it and approve your refund. Where’s My Refund? will give you a personalized date once your refund is approved.
    Use this tool to check on the status of your refund. It provides the most up-to-date information the IRS has. There’s no need to call us unless Where’s My Refund? tells you to do so. Where’s My Refund? is updated every 24 hours – usually overnight — so you only need to check once a day
    *You don’t need to check “Where’s My Refund?” more than once a day as your information will not change.
    *To avoid system delays, the best time to check on refunds is evening and weekends.
    *There is no need to call the IRS about your refund; the telephone service has the same information that is available on “Where’s My Refund?”


    What is happening when Where’s My Refund? Shows the status of my refund is: Return Received?
    This means the IRS has your tax return and is processing it. Your personalized refund date will be available as soon as the IRS finishes processing your return and confirms that your refund has been approved. Most refunds are issued in less than 21 days.


    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 03/12/2013

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  3. Bostonian In MO on Mar 12, 2013 Reply

    Early filers claiming the American Opportunity Credit and/or the EIC are caught up in a software error that is delaying processing of their returns.

    Until a few days ago the IRS was contacting each taxpayer by mail to have them certify certain information on Form 8663 or Schedule EIC before processing could be completed. I have heard, but have not been able to verify independently, that the IRS has come up with a way to resolve these without resorting to contacting the taxpayers by mail. If true, this should jump-start the process and get those refunds out in the next couple of weeks or so.

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  4. Dana St. Pierre on Jun 11, 2014 Reply

    I filed with Jackson Hewitt March 24, 2014 and the IRS claims it is still being processed. Why can’t they at least let me know if I’m getting it or not, and why?
    There shouldn’t be any mistakes since I let professionals do it for me….

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