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3 Answers

“Return accepted” vs. “refund approved” ?

Asked by: Long 909 views YA Discussion

I filed my tax return at h&r block almost 3 weeks ago. The same day, I got an email saying the irs “accepted my federal tax return.”

Its been almost 3 weeks, and on the irs website for “wheres my refund?” It still doesnt say “refund approved.”

Im confused because basically everyone I know has already gotten their federal refund back. Even people who filed around the same time as me. Almost everyone I have talked to said they got their federal refund just a few days after their state. I got my state refund over 2 weeks ago… but still have heard no info about my federal.

So basically, what is the difference between “return accepted” and “refund approved”? I’m getting a little impatient because this is a good chunk of money that I could really use right now!

3 Answers

  1. Carol T on Mar 07, 2013 Reply

    It means just what is states. They first accept your refund, it has passed the most rudimentary checks such as no one has filed with your Social security number.

    Refund approved means your return has been processed and they have approved your refund. Next will be the refund date.

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  2. Pascal the Gambler on Mar 07, 2013 Reply

    What happened to everyone else doesn’t affect you. State and federal taxes are not related in any way at all, when you get state refund ahs nothign to do with when you might get federal.

    Return accepted means they got it and there were no flags that caused it to be rejected. Refund approved means they processed it and they approved the release of your refund. The two things mean EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY.

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  3. pjn on Mar 07, 2013 Reply

    If you have an education credit it will be awhile ….

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