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4 Answers

Refund status disappeared from wheres my refund?

Asked by: samserio 3534 views YA Discussion

Ok so I filed thru turbo tax on the 19th, it still shows accepted on turbo tax. Up until last night wmr was saying feb 7th for my deposit. This morning it did not give a date, it said 6 weeks. Now when I try it it doesn’t even find it. I even called the treasury offset number to make sure it wasn’t being held and its not. Ugh! Anyone else have this issue?

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4 Answers

  1. sadie on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    Mine went to the 6 week message on Friday the 27th. I called the IRS and I had an offset that had been already processed. The lady told me to allow 2-3 weeks. I hope its not that long! :(

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  2. Ashley on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    My situation is similar. Filed on the 17th, got accepted on the 18th. Up until yesterday my WMR said by Feb 7th, then it finally changed to Feb 3rd. Earlier it gave me the generic 6 week message, but as of now it says it’s down and can’t give me any info. From what I’ve been reading, supposedly if you get that 6 week message that means they’ve released your funds to be deposited into your account. I hope it’s true I’m so antsy!

    Okay reading from what the person above said about the 6 week message I guess it’s not true that they’ve released funds….ugggh. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow since that’s my supposed deposit date.

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  3. Common Sense on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    It’s the government…don’t expect competence.

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  4. ? on Feb 03, 2012 Reply

    I haven’t seen the 6 week message yet. But Mine has changed twice. I filed the 21Jan. at first it said 7feb then it said delays 21Feb. then last night it went back to 7Feb. hopefully tonight it will say DD 3Feb.

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