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Quick Tax refund question?

Asked by: sleff 240 views YA Discussion

Basicly iwas claiming jsa b4 I started workiNg in may 2012 for 4 months but I have also had other claims in the paast which ended coz I’d found a job, so I rang hmrc a couple weeks ago asking wheather I’d get a tax refund because I was on emergency tax for over 6 months even a friend of mine who started working like 6 months after me got a tax refund anyway they said Instead of waiting till the end of the tax year I could send them my p45 which I already have but apparently its not on the system @: or get a benefit statement whoch I have and it says all the dates and every single claim I have made so how does this work how much will be deducted from my refund ? Will it just be for the claims I had in 2012 my last claim or isit every single claim I have ever made ??? Any help will be greatly appreciated :)

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