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2 Answers

On my W2, there’s an amount in Box 12 with the code DD?

Asked by: rdhouse 3376 views YA Discussion

I googled it an it says: “Code DD – Reports the cost of health insurance provided through your employer.”……except I do not have any health insurance through my employer or otherwise? I’m confused…is my employer trying to claim he’s paid that much for my non-existent health insurance?
Nothing was deducted from my pay to provide for health insurance since I do not have any. 2000+ employees so they would be responsible. Should I call the IRS? Even if the deduction is for me and not the employer, I do not want it if it’s illegal and I am not entitled to it since I did not actually pay it.

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2 Answers

  1. A Hunch on Jan 27, 2013 Reply

    Yes, your employer is claiming that this was paid for health insurance (total = employee and employer contribution).
    – hopefully it’s just an error.

    If your employer does not come clean, call the IRS

    The field is meaningless in 2012. It will be used for the affordable healthcare act in 2014
    If your employer has 49 or fewer employees, there is no reason to lie = they wouldn’t be responsible for it anyway.

    Add’l info: Please don’t call the IRS first. Talk to you employer (payroll department). Maybe you will find that you have 100% employer paid health insurance or maybe they made an error and will give you a new W2.
    – if you feel like they are “cheating” something = then call the IRS.

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  2. RUSerious on Jan 27, 2013 Reply

    Based on the following, I don’t think that you need to be concerned about box 12 with this code.

    Cost of employer-sponsored health coverage (if such cost is provided by the employer). The reporting in Box 12, using Code DD, of the cost of employer-sponsored health coverage is for your information only. The amount reported with Code DD is not taxable.

    Note it says, “if such cost is provided by the employer” and then it goes on to say, “The amount reported with Code DD is not taxable.” Based on this, I don’t think it will be necessary for you to worry about it.

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