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Need help with SS benefit worksheet for 1040, Quick question, help please?

Asked by: ralvarez 484 views YA Discussion

So i am filling this form out below


and I keep on getting negative numbers

For example, for question 9 i stubtract 8 from 7

So it is 32,000 – 44,200= -12,200

So I do put 12200 on line 9 because It would make no sense to put negative


1 Answers

  1. Judy on Jan 24, 2013 Reply

    Read the whole instruction for line 9, not just part of it. What do you have on line 7, and what on line 8?Is line 8 less than line 7? What does it tell you to do if the answer is NO? What if it’s YES? Subtract line 8 FROM line 7, not line 8 MINUS line 7.

    Go back over the whole form and take each line one at a time.

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