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4 Answers

My taxes are being reviewed?

Asked by: epondel 1537 views YA Discussion

same job same dependents for the last 4 years so why am I being reviewed and how long before I receive this letter

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4 Answers

  1. S.K. on Mar 05, 2012 Reply

    While there are certain deductions which increase the likelihood for a tax audit, they’re also chosen at random. So long as your return was completely honest and included all income sources, including illegal, under-the-table, gambling winnings, etc., you have nothing to fear.

    I don’t know anything about the turn-around time these days. We were audited many years ago–and everything was fine.

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  2. St N on Mar 05, 2012 Reply

    Just dumb luck. You should already have the letter if they are reviewing you, how else would you know. As for why, it might just be a random draw that produced your name, or maybe your employer has been doing dodgy things on his corporate taxes and so the employees also get reviewed. If you did not do anything shady on your taxes, then don’t worry about it.

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  3. Quick Answers on Mar 05, 2012 Reply

    If this is the same job and same dependents, you should be fine. (This is based on the belief these dependents are your bio-children.)

    The IRS may be questioning why your withholding was so high relative to your pay.

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  4. Joselin on Mar 05, 2012 Reply

    Oh my god its a pain in the ass! After 4 years of doing my taxes the very same way i got reviewed this year when i most needed them! I got accepted on the 27th received the letter last week sent in all my paperwork and im still waiting on an answer!

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