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My IRS refund status say…Your Taxes refund is still process a available date will be shown when available?

Asked by: covici 855 views YA Discussion

Does anybody IRS refund say this cause I was trying to see wats does this mean

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  • i got a code 152 from irs and my return is still being process and date will be aviable soon what do that mean
  • my tax refund status says in process
  • what does it mean when where my refund says your refund date will be made whe avalible

1 Answers

  1. Jessica on Feb 17, 2013 Reply

    That is the first stage of the refund process. Mine has been saying that since 2/2/13 and it says 9 out of 10 refunds are sent in 21 days or less but everyone that I have heard from has been waiting past 21days. They are slower this year then ever before regardless of what the IRS says. I have less then a week to get a direct deposit date and it can show up from one day to the next so we just have to be patient there’s nothing else we can do unless they tell us to do something. Funny thing is my state check usually comes a week or 2 after fed, and my state was saying it required further review and needed more time, and now I already have my deposit date of 2/22/13!!! So at least the state (NY that is) is doing them quicker!! Good luck!

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