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10 Answers

MESSAGE ON WHERE’S MY REFUND? “recieved and being processed”?

Asked by: allcreaturesvh 12411 views YA Discussion

Has anyone checked their status on WMR and gotten this generic message saying “has been recieved and is being processed.”

And later goes on to read that I should get it within six weeks of recieve date.

Has anyone gotten this message? This is especially weird because a few days ago there was an estimated direct deposit date on there.

How others found here:

  • your refund is being processed
  • your refund has been received and is being processed
  • irs refund status being processed

10 Answers

  1. Kristen on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    just got that same message, and yesterday I was given a direct deposit date of Feb 3……..

    **** Just spoke to someone at the IRS and they told me their computer still says that my refund has processed, and will be deposited on Feb 3rd as I was told yesterday, she also said that the computers only update the WMR site and automated phone number once a week, on Wednesday. If you access it too often it can spit out weird messages. Hope this helps. I would tend the believe the woman at the IRS looking at their computer more than their automated systems….*******

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  2. Rockey on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    No I checked my this morning and it is saying Your tax refund is scheduled to be dd on 2-06-2012. If your refund is not credited to your account by 2-11-2012 check with your bank to find out if it has been received. Please wait until 2-11-2012 before you contact us again because we ar unable to take any action till then

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  3. Molly on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    Lots of people getting that, usually after their money has been sent to the bank. There is a brief period between the time of getting an actual DD date and when the money is sent (and the message changes to something like, “your refund has been sent to your bank on such and such a date and if not there, contact us on….”.

    If you never received an actual date, rather an estimate, the system is probably updating to show an actual DD date. Either that or you have checked WMR too many times and your SS number has been locked out. You can call the IRS hotline at 800-829-1954 and probably get an updated/correct status.

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  4. rachael on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    yes, I think (in my opinion) if you access the WMR site to often in one day you get that message. If you call the 800 number they will tell you the status. I am past the point of frustration, I was suppose to have mine the 25th, I am also still processing with no date!!!!

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  5. Jill on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    Not much help ,but we filed on the 25th and still says expect refund before feb 14th. if no problem but it has said that since the day we e-filed, other people are saying they have dd dates that have filed after this date.

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  6. Kori Green on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    Got the same message on wmr and when i called the 800 number and it says the same thing as well hopefully thats a good thing been waiting for a min to see whats going on with my refund

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  7. tgranny on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    i was told when it gives you that weird 6 weeks message that your funds have already been released….check into how ever you are having it deposited

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  8. rome on Feb 02, 2012 Reply

    My wmr said processing and should be received by feb 7 for the past 2 weeks. But, this morning when I checked it said DD of feb 6. So, Im just glad I have some good news. Everything should be fine, I know if you keep checking wmr the system will give you crazy information sometimes.

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  9. nhernandez on Feb 09, 2012 Reply

    i filed on the 28th and up until last week i had a dd date which was Feb 14th. then when i checked on Monday it gave me that weird message too. Processing and the 6 week waiting period. but i was told that it is because i still owe taxes from last year.

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  10. courtney on Feb 10, 2012 Reply

    So I wonder what the estimated dd will be now? my taxes were accepted on the 21st with dd of feb 1 then on the 1st it changed to the 7th, then nothing. the WMR just says you should receive it within 6 weeks of filing. eerrrr! When I called the 800 number the guy said my husband had a small balance that they deducted from our refund and that delayed our refund. But he couldnt tell me anymore than we should see it within three weeks from last week. So idk…..im not sure how accurate all of the info actually is.

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