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3 Answers

Live in Kansas, work in Missouri?

Asked by: jmlcpl 2116 views YA Discussion

I live in Missouri now, but there is a house I’m looking at renting in Roeland Park, Kansas. I have 2 jobs, both of which are Missouri. I make around $ 2,000 per month. I’m also a student and my parents claim me. Can someone give me a rough estimate of how high my taxes would be, and if I still use my parents address will I be charged Kansas taxes?

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3 Answers

  1. WVWVWWVVWV on May 17, 2012 Reply

    Depending on the state you should pay payroll taxes where your job it. (Then again, I suppose that depends on the state you’re working in.)
    If you’re being claimed by your folks then I would still use their address. States should only charge people that work in their states.

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  2. Bostonian In MO on May 17, 2012 Reply

    If you live in KS, you are subject to KS taxation on your world-wide income. There’s no getting around that. Falsely using an out-of-state address in an attempt to avoid KS income taxes is tax evasion and is a FELONY under KS law.

    With that out of the way, it’s not as bad as it sounds at first blush. MO and KS income tax rates are similar at the top bracket. KS taxes are a bit lower at your wage level, though not by a lot. If you move to KS and continue to work in MO, you’ll file a MO non-resident return and only pay tax on the MO income. Then you’ll file a KS return showing your world-wide income. KS will give you a credit for the MO taxes actually paid. In most cases, this will wipe out the KS tax liability, leaving you in the same tax position that you are in right now. For the year that you actually move it will be a bit more complex but the total tax bite won’t change much at all.

    In the end it won’t cost you much if anything extra in income taxes. You might even save a few dollars since you won’t be paying the MO PPT on your car since it will be tagged and garaged in KS. Do keep in mind that you WILL pay the MO PPT in the year that you move but that will be the last year for that.

    You will of course have the hassle and possible expense of filing 2 state income tax returns instead of only one. KS has probably the best on-line income tax filing system in the country, so even if you buy tax software to do your federal and MO returns, you can just log on to the KS DOR website and do the KS return on line for free.

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  3. tro on May 17, 2012 Reply

    if you are a dependent of your parents, you need to be living in their household 6 months of the year and temporary absence away at college is considered living at home
    that is your tax home
    temporary jobs of less than a year’s duration do not change the person’s tax home

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