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2 Answers

KfC paycheck question?

Asked by: Jesica Hogan 2091 views YA Discussion

I just got hired and was told if i had a bank account and i said no am 16 btw. So the manger said ill be getting a card as my paycheck which i dont understand what that is. Also am planning on makin a bank account but am i the right age. If i do get a bank account and i get this card as a paycheck will i be able to deposit that in my bank account? please only people that know wat their talking about.

2 Answers

  1. widget_1010 on Mar 26, 2012 Reply

    They are probably going to give you a debit card in lieu of a paper check. That would be fine if everybody accepted debit cards. Being a 16 year old you probably shop places that don’t take debit cards. Do your parents have a checking account? This would be the easiest way to go. Have your checks direct-deposited into their account. It gives you access to your money at no cost(ATM fees). But your parents might have a little control over your money. Hope this helps.

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  2. A Hunch on Mar 26, 2012 Reply

    You are getting what is called a paycard. It is like a debit card, where the money you earned in an account that you can access using this card.

    It would be better if you got an actual bank account. Go to your parents bank and try to open a checking account. You might need your parents to open it with you.
    – when you get the account opened, ask the manager to make the change. Then the money will go directly into this account.

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