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3 Answers

Is there a problem with Turbo Tax this year?

Asked by: livingeditor 3587 views YA Discussion

I filed and had my taxes accepted on January 30th. I am single, no children, college student so I qualified for the basic 1040ez form and my 1098-T from my school. My DD was supposed to be deposited on the 8th, but nothing yet, now they are saying the 15th as the soonest. I’ve been reading that Turbo Tax had issues with their program this year because a few things changed via IRS this year and TT did not change what they were supposed to. Now, I heard that IRS has to pull our taxes and change them by hand or “computer”. Does anyone know what is going on? I have had friends file when I did or afterwards not with TT and they already have their refund!

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3 Answers

  1. tro on Feb 14, 2012 Reply

    the problem is with IRS not the tax program you used

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  2. A friend on Feb 14, 2012 Reply

    My entire family uses Turbo Tax every year. This year, besides the regular IRS delays from their new computer systems, we actually have not had any problems to date with our filing with Turbo Tax. From what I can decipher from your post/question, the IRS refund chart (the original one that was also given to all tax preparers, ie Turbo Tax) your refund certainly would have posted by the 8th. However, as I mentioned, the IRS are backed up and that is what is causing the delays. I am happy to hear you have a definite deposit date of the 15th and as far as any issues with Turbo Tax and their program this year, I actually have not heard or read anything about that on this topic site or anywhere else. There is a friend who’s mother works for Texas based IRS office and they advise the only filers that they are pulling are the ones the IRS new computer system is red flagging (differences in dependents, etc.) from the years before. (People claiming children of all ages they haven’t claimed before). I hope this helps and if it says definite deposit date of the 15th, Santa Barbara Bank will have it tomorrow and you will have it the 15th. Good luck and God Bless!

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  3. Barbara on Apr 02, 2013 Reply

    My husband heard something on the news about an issue Turbotax has with the form 1098-T which won’t be resolved until the end of April. I have had an issue with it on both of my grandchildren’s tax returns.
    They are also having problems with unemployment compensation – my grandson is a student, worked and received unemployment comp. Turbotax added his unemployment comp to his salary amount even tho there is a separate line for that item and then in “investment Income” for figuring out something that involves his parents claiming him as a dependent. Come on now – that’s unemployment comp not investment income! They also insist on putting our pension amount on the salary and wage line even though it is entered correctly as pension income. I’ve had to override the amount every year!
    Ever since I’ve used TT – and it’s been many years – I’ve had some kind of crazy issue with it, but this year is the worst. This year is also the last!

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