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Is is true that if you are able to request a Tax Return Transcript,That Means Your Return Has Been Processed? ?

Asked by: megan 4522 views YA Discussion

My cousin filed her taxes Sunday evening,got accepted 20mins later.Right after,she tried to order her 2011 transcript,but it wouldnt allow her. Wednesday morning,her status updated to she should have her refund BY March 6,2011. She went and tried to order again it still wouldnt let her. But when she tried this morning,it allowed her to and told her that it would arrive in 5to10 buisness days. So does this meabs she landed in the new Mef filing system and hers got processed within that 4buisness days time frame? Is ordering a tax return transcript proof if being processed? From your expierence,could her status update again on Sunday with a exact dd date? I have seen this happen like this filing season. How soon did u get I status update,and reciecve your refund. Please share… Best answer 10pts
@Jacqueline, I dont know what you are talking bout. Maybe you answered this question just to recieve 2pts. But when you request a transcripts,it clearly states that you could request transcript of your irs account or your current or previous years tax returns. Who said anything about errors or needing to ammend…not me.thanks for your input though

3 Answers

  1. Jacqueline on Feb 24, 2012 Reply

    To receive a transcript of your account is to receive the info the IRS has received from the different sours like employers, financial institutions.
    The transcript does not relates to the tax return copy but the info available to you so you can prepare your tax return.
    If an error has been made on the original tax return, the taxpayer needs to amend the tax return. No other way,

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  2. tro on Feb 24, 2012 Reply

    transcripts for the current year(2011) are not available until after June 15th
    if you filed a 2011 tax return, surely you have a copy for your records, your tax return should be adequate information

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  3. Nioma Drake on Feb 24, 2012 Reply

    I was able to order both my 2011 return transcript and 2011 account transcript through the IRS online system. My return has already been processed and my refund issued. I would assume you could not order it if the return has not been processed yet. Your cousin could try and order an account transcript, which actually states the date when her return was processed as well as the date any refund was issued. You get it from the same tool that lets you order the return transcript, and it’s also free.

    Some lenders are not content to see your personal tax forms, they want the transcript or a certified copy of your return to prove that you ACTUALLY filed taxes.

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