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2 Answers

IRS Transcript Question?

Asked by: sleff 734 views YA Discussion

Some forum posters on the TurboTax website seem to believe when you can order transcripts, your refund is closer. Anyway, I had never heard of transcripts. At any rate, I moved in August and tried to order transcripts with my old address – no match. I then tried my last year’s address, worked, and it didn’t allow me to order “return” transcripts, but allowed me to order “account” transcripts. If it is true that the ability to order transcripts means your refund processing is getting done, what does the above info mean? They obviously have my OLD address on file and I can only order account transcripts.
I agree.Transcripts seem to have no significance. The only signficance I can see is the IRS has my OLD address in their system so has done nothing about my refund.

2 Answers

  1. michael971 on Mar 01, 2013 Reply

    It appears to be an incorrect belief about ordering transcripts.

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  2. Bostonian In MO on Mar 01, 2013 Reply

    You can order an account transcript at any time. If your return has not processed yet, that transcript won’t include 2012 information.

    While it’s true that you can’t order a 2012 return transcript until your return has finished processing, the fact that it has finished processing does not automatically mean that your refund will follow shortly. It will for many, but definitely won’t for some. Your refund won’t be released until it has been approved. While that happens shortly after processing is completed for most folks, for some there may be substantial additional delays before the refund is approved.

    There is a new urban legend gaining steam that states that requesting a transcript will expedite your refund. There’s absolutely no truth to that. While many folks will get their refund shortly after successfully requesting a return transcript, there is no cause and affect relationship at all. Just because B happened after A does NOT mean that A caused B.

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