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2 Answers

IRS Tax Lien and 10 year Statute of Limitation?

Asked by: covici 313 views YA Discussion

I have an IRS tax lien attached to our home, which is currently in foreclosure. The tax lien is registered as due to expire 2016 due to statute of limitations. My mother owns a home outright, and wants to place the home in my name. Will the IRS automatically attach a lien to that home, once it is put in my name? If so, is there a way to protect the property from a lien?

2 Answers

  1. acermill on Feb 16, 2013 Reply

    Yes, the IRS will attach a lien to that home as well. The IRS has ENDLESS patience when it comes to collection of taxes.

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  2. Max Hoopla on Feb 16, 2013 Reply

    The IRS lien attaches to all property or rights to property. If your mother deeds something to you, the IRS lien will attach immediately unless it is in a different county then IRS would have to file a notice of lien in the county where the real property is.

    Your mother should consult an attorney who specializes in estate planning to discuss ways that property could be held without it being in your name until the lien expires.

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