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5 Answers

If I didn’t file last year’s taxes can/will i recieve a return on this years taxes?

Asked by: dtba 990 views YA Discussion

I wasn’t able to file my taxes last year due to my mother claimed me as a dependent and she never sent them in. So can I file this years taxes recieve the refund then file last years taxes another time.
I just cant efile? Cause it says I can’t get a pin because they don’t see 2010 refund. So do i need to just let a company do it?

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5 Answers

  1. Lynne on Feb 04, 2012 Reply


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  2. Terri Greene Forwood on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    I’m not sure what you filed through that you need a pin to e-file … I have never had to have a pin to file my taxes but, anyway … you should be able to file your taxes for 2011 with any of the tax software programs. You can look here: http://www.irs.gov/efile/article/0,,id=118986,00.html for those companies. You can check with your state’s website for info on filing electronically there. You will also need to go to http://www.irs-taxforms.com/?yr=2010 and get the tax forms you will need to fill out for your 2010 taxes and mail them in. That link also has each state listed so you can get your 2010 state tax forms there as well.Best wishes and be blessed!! :)

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  3. Quick Answers on Feb 04, 2012 Reply

    1. You can file 2011 now.
    2. If you owe for 2010, the IRS will not release the refund for 2011 until you file for 2010.
    3. Mail both returns in.

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