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I owe the unemployment workforce money for an overpayment and the state and federal both accepted my return on?

Asked by: proffr 242 views YA Discussion

February 14 and I received a letter stating that they took my state refund. I still have a balance and was told that they were goin to take the remaining out of my federal but I want to know when they are going to approve my refund and send me my remains and I have contacted the financial team with irs to find out I had the offset but has not had any luck in talking to a person just computer

1 Answers

  1. jake on Feb 25, 2013 Reply

    I genuinely don’t mean to be crass, but it sound like yours may not a standardized situation, and if so, there is no set time-table in a situation such as this. If it’s just a standard offset, the rest should be sent automatically after the offset is deducted and there should be very little delay. If there’s more to the situation, and it requires being handled manually by an IRS employee on a campus for any reason, the wait will be considerably longer. Either way, attempting to contact a “financial team” at the IRS will get you nowhere. The IRS treats everyone the same; as in, you’ll get your money when we send it, and please have a nice day. Good luck.

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