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2 Answers

I live in Quebec, but work in Ontario .. Tax Question!?

Asked by: bustermcleod 1924 views YA Discussion

So, I live in Quebec but work in Ontario. I was mailed a T4 for my federal taxes, but have not been mailed anything for my provincial taxes. I contacted my employer (no longer work there) and they say they have nothing to do with sending my provincial taxes to me. I then contacted Revenue Quebec, who say they have nothing on file, because my EMPLOYER has not sent it to them ….. Needless to say, I’m lost. Do I even need to receive any forms from Revenue Quebec?

2 Answers

  1. Fred S on Apr 18, 2012 Reply

    Because your employer is outside Quebec, they are not required to send you anything other than the T4. There’s no requirement that they know anything about Releves. They also not required to file anything with Reveue Quebec (CRA, yes, but Quebec, no).

    You are on your own when filing your Quebec return. It’s one of the joys of living in a province which wants to be independent.

    It shouldn’t be too much trouble to convert a T4 to a Releve 3. I expect most online software would do it for you.

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  2. Sparky on Apr 18, 2012 Reply

    You don’t need anything other than your T4 because the income was earned outside Quebec. However, since you are taxed in your province of residence, you must still report the income on your Quebec return. There are instructions on page 16 of the following guide:


    The main snag will be that there is no provincial tax paid. Since the income was earned outside Quebec, you don’t get Releve 1 for the income, and there’s no Quebec tax to claim. However, up to 45% of the income tax withheld can be transferred from your Federal return to your provincial return. This applies only to the income earned outside Quebec.

    There might be a further snag due to the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan. You are required to pay these premiums when filing your provincial return. But there’s a transfer from the Federal return for this as well since your income is subject to a lower EI rate then what was deducted when you were working. Complete a copy of Schedule 10 with your federal return, and a copy of Schedule R with your Quebec return.

    Like Fred said, a software program should be able to handle these situations for you. But I’m surprised that Revenue Quebec didn’t tell you this. They’re supposed to help you through these types of situations.

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