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4 Answers

I have not gotten my w2 yet.?

Asked by: minchk 813 views YA Discussion

My job closed down November 25th 2012. It is now January 19th 2013. My employer sent out all w2s almost two weeks ago. Half of the employees have gotten theirs already and the others have not. The ones that have already claim they dont match their last paystubs. What can I do about finding out where mine is and once i do what can I do about my paystub not matching if it doesnt?
also, I have contacted the employer and he basically doesnt know anything and pretty much washed his hands of it since the building shut down.
Can I call the IRS and see if my W2 got returned?

4 Answers

  1. falsi fiable on Jan 19, 2013 Reply

    Be patient! They have until January 31 to mail your W-2.
    What can you do? You can pester your former employer or just sit tight.

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  2. Joey on Jan 19, 2013 Reply

    It is not uncommon for W2’s to not have arrived, the deadline for the company is Jan 31st. This doesn’t mean you have to have it in your hands on jan 31, but means the date when I has to be mailed too you (post marked). So it may take up to a few days after to receive it.

    Also W2’s may not match your last paystub if there is pending payments the company has to make. (Ex. Paid time off / state or federal taxes). To get the most accurate info to your tax prep or for you to file, you’ll want to make sure you wait for the W2 if you stayed with the company till they closed their doors.

    If you still haven’t receive your W2’s after the first week in feb, on your paystub is also an employer federal id number. (Can also ask someone who has gotten their W2 for it). You can than contact the IRS for company information so you can get a hold of them and let them know you haven’t receive your W2.

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  3. Judy on Jan 19, 2013 Reply

    Hang onto that paystub. If you don’t get your W-2 by 2/15, or if it doesn’t match the paystub, call the IRS.

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  4. tro on Jan 19, 2013 Reply

    many times the W-2’s do not agree with the last pay stub
    if the company already sent them out and others have theirs, did they have your correct current address? if not it was returned to the company
    the W-2 is being submitted to the SSA and eventually IRS will have that information to cross check
    only the employer can change the W-2

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