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7 Answers

I got notice that my Federal return was accepted, but my refund is NOT “Approved” yet?

Asked by: posadas 13090 views YA Discussion

I submitted my Federal tax return via efile through TurboTax 7 business days ago. Two business days later, TurboTax began to show the status that my return has been “Accepted” by the IRS, and I got the text message that my “Federal Return has been accepted.” HOWEVER, the “Where’s My Refund?” shows that my refund has NOT YET been approved. Would the IRS give me the “Accepted” signal if there were still an issue with approving my Refund?
Unlike any prior year for me, I was self-employed during part of 2012 and therefore had to file a Schedule C with many more details than usual. Also, I realize there have been legislative holdups this year. Nonetheless, for the last 7 years of efiling, I’ve always received my refund via direct deposit within 2-3 weeks after getting the “Accepted” signal.
So, here’s the magic question – would the IRS indicate “Accepted” if my refund were still not approved? I’m guess there’s no definite answer to this, but what I’m hoping one of you experts tells me is that the Feds would never say “Your refund has been received and accepted” unless it’s a for sure thing that I’m getting my refund. After all, that seems to have been the policy that last 7 years.
Thanks in Advance Guys!
I see in the TTC (TurboTax Community) forum that many people are having the same issue, which for them has progressed to their status dissappearing due to errors in the info they submitted, and these people are saying that they have “switched” to TaxAct.com or other providers as a remedy. IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? IT SEEMS TO ME THAT RE-SUBMITTING VIA ANOTHER SITE WOULD RAISE A FLAG AND CAUSE EVEN MORE TROUBLE & DELAYS. What say you? Thanks

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7 Answers

  1. Alex on Feb 08, 2013 Reply

    Accepted means that the filed returned was received and was confirmed to be properly formatted. The approval part takes a few more days.

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  2. Jino on Feb 08, 2013 Reply

    The IRS reminds TPsto keep in mind that many variables can affect the speed of a tax refund. Using e-file with direct deposit remains the fastest option for TPs. Following technology improvements, the IRS will issue refunds to more TPs in as few as 10 days this year for those who e-file and select direct deposit

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  3. Ketra on Feb 08, 2013 Reply

    I did tax act having same problem I filed on 30th I called IRS lady told me to submit again she didn’t see mine I did and got message that said I already did I called back lady said that it was accepted and that’s all she would tell me…… I have checked everyday since and nothing had changed???? Wondering what to do my self??

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  4. meranda on Feb 03, 2014 Reply

    same issue here. But a coworker of mine stated that Where’s my refund states that she is to get her refund direct deposited tomorrow AND she filed and was accepted after I filed and was accepted.

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  5. madeline tipton on Feb 10, 2014 Reply

    the irs and the whole entire govt.system is a joke. they are all rich and when and what they want, they get it! but when the shoe is on the other foot, the “people”, those who basically provide their living for them, are just pushed to the side and are unimportant. I have 2 kids, my husband is the only worker in our family and all the taxes that have been paid in, we deserve our income tax money and quite frankly, WE NEED IT TOO!! and my dad makes about 50k year and taxes usually takes atleast 1/3 of his check every week and at the end of the year he has to pay in! its all bullshit!

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  6. Angelia on Feb 14, 2014 Reply

    Does anyone know why my efile
    Was accepted on feb 3 but has not been approved? My neighbors and I went to the same place -they went two days prior-theirs were approve and paid out already. I am beginning to worry.

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  7. Kim on Feb 26, 2015 Reply

    My taxes were filed and accepted jan.28th and it still hasn’t been approved. Does anyone have any idea as to why it would be taking so long? Everything is accurate and there’s nothing difficult about it. My expected return date was Feb.18th.

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