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how to report someone to the irs anonymously?

Asked by: megan 15135 views YA Discussion

I know someone who cheats on his taxes( I have no prove of it, I just know because its obvious and he metion it one time) and to be honest it really bothers me because by cheatting he makes more than 125K per year and he boast about it.

I know I’m a bit angry, but at least I want this person to know that he needs to stop or he is going to get into a big trouble. So I want to report him, anonymously of course, but I don’t know how. I hope I could only send an annonious e-mail to the IRS and for them to take action….but I don’t really know…does anyone have a suggestion?

Asked: Martin

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12 Answers

  1. Chas on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    Without details they will ignore the report. They get vindictive reports all the time and don’t have the manpower to check them all our.

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  2. JC on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    There is form you can fill out and mail in it is called the 3949-a and you can download it from the irs website irs.gov. You can also mail inquires directly to the irs. You don’t have to put your name on it. Although I think it’s a really low thing to do to someone.

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  3. tro on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    when you intend to report someone’s negligence you need to be able to substantiate your claim
    you say you don’t have proof so yours would be a frivolous claim and very likely not followed
    you need to report your name, it is not revealed in the search or decision
    and when people are prone to boast about things that don’t sound reasonable it is probably their big mouth letting off steam, this may or may not be the situation
    IRS has their own ways to determine if someone is not reporting their income, especially income of that magnitude
    the fraud line is 1 800 829 0433 and it is a valid number, contrary to another responder’s comment

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  4. StephenWeinstein on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    The IRS no longer accepts e-mail for any reason. The only ways to contact them are telephone or regular mail.

    And, without proof, they cannot do anything anyway. Mentioning one time to someone, especially someone who is anonymous, is not enough for them to take action. Lots of taxpayers who do not really cheat on their taxes do lie to their friends and mention that they cheat on their taxes.

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  5. Bobbie on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    Probably NOT anonymously BUT if it will make you feel better you can sure give it a try for ever it will be do for you to know that you did try to do this. Go for it.
    How to Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity
    Suspected tax fraud can be reported to the IRS using Form 3949-A, Information Referral. The completed form or a letter detailing the alleged fraudulent activity should be addressed to the Internal Revenue Service, Fresno, CA 93888. The mailing should include specific information about who is being reported, the activity being reported, how the activity became known, when the alleged violation took place, the amount of money involved and any other information that might be helpful in an investigation. The identity of the person filing the report can be kept confidential.
    Whistleblowers also may provide allegations of fraud to the IRS and may be eligible for a reward by filing Form 211, Application for Award for Original Information, and following the procedures outlined in Notice 2008-4, Claims Submitted to the IRS Whistleblower Office under Section 7623.
    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful for your situation and good luck to you 05/26/2011

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  6. the kid on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    with no proof, they won’t do anything anyway, so don’t bother wasting your time.

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  7. Jamie Williams on Feb 23, 2012 Reply

    married couple living in west side of cleveland oh. names of francisca and jorge marrero are committing tax evasion. the man claims disability also has works under the table. woman claims granddaugther without authorization. couple owes over 100k in dept PLEASE investigate – ANONYMOUS

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  8. Rod Maldonado on Jun 30, 2014 Reply

    How do I find out if a third party has filed tax returns

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  9. Amy Duhart on Jan 07, 2015 Reply

    Isn’t it ILLEAGAL to claim to CERTAIN INDIVIDUALS to live with you, WHEN THEY DON’T or HAVEN’T (for said time period), just to get EXTRA MONEY? I believe it is!!

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  10. Paul Davidson on Mar 04, 2015 Reply

    Just in case anyone need to fill out a Form 211, I found a blank form in this link http://goo.gl/3y9kPr. This site PDFfiller also has several related tax forms that you might find useful.

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  11. sheila green on Nov 24, 2015 Reply

    lisa banks brown is scamming the irs she now lives in pensacola fla this needs to stop now

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  12. sheila green on Nov 24, 2015 Reply

    i have all the proof on lisa banks brown the irs is looking for her i have her address here in pensacola fla and her telephone number

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