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6 Answers

How to get a copy of my 1040EZ?

Asked by: epondel 6044 views YA Discussion

I filed my taxes electronically through H&R block and requested a tax return transcript from the IRS. They sent something back to me labeled Tax Return Transcript, I don’t know if this acceptable for what I’m trying to do. I need to get tax info together for the FAFSA and possibly my school, and I’m not entirely sure if this transcript thing I would suffice.

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6 Answers

  1. card-ron on May 05, 2012 Reply

    The transcript should be more than sufficient. You can order an actual copy of your return from the IRS, but there is a fee and it is unnecessary to do so.

    In the future, when filing electronically print off a copy of your return and store a paper copy in your files.

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  2. tro on May 06, 2012 Reply

    when you filed using the H/R site you should have made a hard copy for yourself or saved it somewhere that you would have future access to it. It might be an EZ but you will it is important to keep a record of your tax filings for many years
    you can pay $ 57 for a copy of your actual tax return or a free transcript(not a copy of any 1040) with the 4506 T application
    apparently the aid offices for schools are now requesting that rather than your copy(since people even fudge on those)
    the transcripts for 2011 will not be available until June 15

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  3. Quick Answers on May 06, 2012 Reply

    Ignore TRO.

    If you had a refund and have gotten it already, the tax return would be available as a transcript. (Balance due returns will post next week.)

    The free transcript will say tax transcript and will show the various lines of the return. Your school will certainly accept it.

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  4. Judy on May 06, 2012 Reply

    FAFSA will accept a transcript.

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  5. Ms. Angel.. on May 06, 2012 Reply

    The transcript is acceptable at all schools and banks for proof of income.

    The actual copy of the tax return can be requested on Form 4506 and the fee is $ 57.00 for each copy. Allow 60 calendar days to receive your copies.
    Most needs for tax return information can be met with a computer print-out of your return information called a “transcript”. A transcript may be an acceptable substitute for an exact copy of a return by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and lending agencies for student loans and mortgages. A “tax return transcript” will show most line items contained on the return as it was originally filed. If you need a statement of your tax account which shows changes that you or the IRS made after the original return was filed, however, you must request a “tax account transcript”. Both transcripts are generally available for the current and past three years and are provided free of charge. The period in which you will receive the transcript varies from within ten to thirty business days from the time the IRS receives your request for the tax return or tax account transcript.

    Good luck!

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  6. Bobbie on May 06, 2012 Reply

    And using your above enclosed information it sure does sound like you do have the transcript in your hand that you did request from the IRS for this purpose and FAFSA will ACCEPT IT and the information that is on it when you do present it to them at that time in your life.
    Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 05/05/2012

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