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3 Answers

how should i best fill out w2 or w4 form when hired?

Asked by: megan 2473 views YA Discussion

not sure which one it was , but when it says “withhold taxes” im not sure what to put.my situation is i have 4kids i am married but on the paper it said if married to a non residential alien put “single’ so i did just that….but my husband does pay taxes so now im confused as to whether i filled it out correctly.he has only his tax payer number but we havent started the process of fixing his papers..whats the percentage of taxes that will be taken out of my check if i put 4 dependants? my pay rate will be 9an hour and i will be paid every other week.???
thank you both for answering.
so my question now is if i dont have taxes or little taxes withhold would i have owe to the irs at the end of the year? im sorry im new at this, this is my first real job and its confusing…

Asked: olivia

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3 Answers

  1. Howard L on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    It’s the W-4 Claim 1 for yourself and 4 for your children, a total of 5. This is only so your employer knows how much to deduct for taxes so you don’t owe money at the end of the year. It doesn’t change how much you pay in taxes.

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  2. Amy on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    The number of allowances that you and your husband claim in total should equal the number of exemptions and deductions you two will claim on your taxes.

    One exemption is allowed per US citizen, including children (you have to list the social security numbers). The standard deduction is allowed for each taxpayer, and there may be additional deductions for childcare.

    You must put “single” because your husband doesn’t get the personal exemption. You OR your husband can claim four dependants if your kids are all US citizens.

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  3. tro on Jun 01, 2011 Reply

    a W-4 is provided by your employer for you to report your name, address, SSn and status, ie. married, single, one job(or more) and children
    if your spouse does not have an SSN or ITIN(for tax purposes only) they cannot be claimed on a tax return
    with four children and they all have valid numbers, it is very unlikely you will have any income tax withheld

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