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4 Answers

How much will I have to pay in taxes on a 1099?

Asked by: ralvarez 1887 views YA Discussion

I have worked as a 1099 worker for the past year and made about $ 15,000. How much will I pay when I file my taxes next month if I haven’t paid any tax on it yet and that is all my income made?
If I only made $ 15,000 why would I be paying so much in taxes? Last year when I worked on a W-2 and made this much I received a refund, I understand social security tax but income tax seems unfair considering I can barely survive with what I make.

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4 Answers

  1. Quick Answers on Jan 20, 2013 Reply

    Probably more than $ 3500. $ 1800 or so in SE tax and the rest in income tax.

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  2. Julie on Jan 20, 2013 Reply

    I know in the state of California it’s 15% of your total income. Now if you have “write offs” then it will help you lessen that amount. My husband worked as a sub contractor and he was 1099 he got to itemize his gas/mileage expenses, tools he purchased for jobs, some dry cleaning if they are uniformed, partial of his cell phone bill, etc but remember you have to show proof of these expenses in case you ever get audited by the IRS. I’m not an accountant nor work for the IRS but you may want to ask a professional such as your local certified tax preparer your questions tax laws change all the time.

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  3. amy lynn on Jan 20, 2013 Reply

    You will probably not owe very much on actual federal taxes. Maybe nothing at all on federal taxes, but you will probably owe about $ 700 to $ 900 on social security taxes.

    I am basing this on how much I get paid per year. I make twice that amount and so I cut my with holdings in half to make my estimate for you.

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  4. Chas on Jan 20, 2013 Reply

    You owe 13.3% in social security and 10% income tax on the on the income over $ 9750.

    I make that about $ 2500. Plus interest and penalties for not paying estimated taxes.

    The biggest increase is you pay both employer AND employee social security. That’s $ 1100 more than last year.

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