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2 Answers

How much tax would i get back if i made under 10000 dollars this year?

Asked by: emeka22uche 1011 views YA Discussion

I work at burger king and was wondering what it would be. Im not sure if i filled out my w2 correct but when i file for the money backdont i have to file like independent or something like that. This will be my 1st time filing so i know nothing about it. (Id like to file independent so dont tell me about anything else) [also plz answer very thouroughly so i can understand]

2 Answers

  1. Rob on Dec 16, 2012 Reply

    a 100 $ or less.
    u get to pay but they do not have to give any of it back.

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  2. Judy on Dec 16, 2012 Reply

    You can WANT to file independent but that doesn’t mean you can. How old are you? Do you live on your own, or with someone, and if so who, and for how long in 2012? You don’t just get to decide. If someone CAN claim you, even if they don’t, you’re still a dependent and can’t claim yourself/file as independent.

    The form you filled out was a W-4 – your W-2 is what you’ll get from your employer with your 2012 info on it.

    If you’re independent and under age 25, your refund would be all or very nearly all of what was withheld for federal income tax. If there’s a year to date number on your paystub for federal income tax, that will be close. If legally you are a dependent, they’ll keep at least some of the withholding, and depending on how much was withheld you could owe the IRS.

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