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How long to receive tax refund after ID verification?

Asked by: bellmont 5761 views YA Discussion

I efiled my tax return and it was received by the IRS 3/25. I requested that it be direct deposited into my account, so this past Monday (4/8), with “Where’s My Refund” having failed to give me any information at all, I called the IRS to check up on my return. Turns out they had mailed me a letter about verifying my identity (because I’m a first time filer), I just hadn’t got it yet. I called the ID verification dept, and long story short ended up having to go to my local IRS office where my idenity was confirmed in person. Today (4/11) I called the ID verification dept. again and asked the man on the phone to read the notes left on my file by the two women who helped me at the IRS office. He did, and was able to push my return and release the hold on it. So the question is, from here, what kind of time frame am I looking at to get my return? NOTE: I confirmed that it WILL still be direct deposited as requested

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