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6 Answers

how long to get my taxes back after 14039 has been filed?

Asked by: livingeditor 4375 views YA Discussion

I tried to e-file my taxes and got a message that my ssn had already been used…after calling the irs they informed me that someone using my ssn and my address had already filed and received a refund.the lady at the irs told me to fill out a 14039 theft affidavit and mail in my return and i should have it in 6-8 weeks…anyone went through this situation before i would like to hear from someone who has been through this and how long it took for their return to get back, if youre just guessing dont reply…any info would be appreciated …thanks

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6 Answers

  1. tro on Feb 26, 2012 Reply

    this sounds like identity theft and can take months if not years to resolve

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  2. Quick Answers on Feb 26, 2012 Reply

    The customer service rep at the IRS goofed. After telling you that you had to mail the return in with form 14039 and photocopies of your ID attached, they were tell you that the 6-8 normal processing time for a paper return is EXTENDED by the time it takes for the IRS to assign someone to look at what you sent in.

    The IRS has sort out the frauds from the real people and the last estimate I heard is that the IRS expects 1 million fake returns this year. Congress cut the IRS budget too.

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  3. GlassHalfEmpty on Feb 26, 2012 Reply

    I am going through this as well. Just sent my ID Theft Affidavit with necessary identification last Saturday. I sent certified mail and just got my return receipt yesterdy. I’ve been told by two reps that it will take 8-12 weeks from the date your form is received and directed to the person(s) handling your situation to receive your refund. It may take YEARS to clear up but it will NOT take longer than 8-12 weeks to receive your money. The lady I spoke to said that after you’ve filed your form, to wait approx. A month and then you can call the IRS ID theft hotline number to check the status of your case. 1800.908.4490 Best of luck to you.

    And just a side note: I have a friend who went through this last year with his wife’s ssn. They filed in February with all necessary paperwork and received their refund in June. So it’s quite a wait but rest assured you’ll get your refund.

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  4. yolanda on Apr 10, 2012 Reply

    I’m going through this right now,…it takes 90 days before a caseworker will contact you. and then another 60 more days for processing…..i’m losing my mind with this….

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  5. mimi on Jun 14, 2012 Reply

    IM going through this as well. I filed taxes in January, I didnt get my refund in February/March. I called the IRS. They told me my taxes weren’t processed yet. I called 30 days later and they told me in April I have an identity theft issue and to send in Identification paperwork and affidavit. I sent them in April. Its June and I spoke with someone today 6/14/12 and was told they have my info and they will send me a letter in July to tell me they are working on my case…what the hell is that? They also told me that they have no way of telling me when Ill get my tax refund. Its so frustrating.

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  6. Gigi on Mar 18, 2013 Reply

    Hello people. I feel you all. I’m going through it myself. But, This too SHALL pass. On a more positive and comforting note, by contacting the IRS Advocates office in your area to assist you or 1-877-777-4778, explain your situation and if you are maybe behind in bills or something you make them aware of your “Hardship/s” they are likely to get your return much sooner.

    Keep your Head up! God Is In real Control…..

    Don’t forget to pray.

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