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2 Answers

How long does it usually take for a tax return to be approved?

Asked by: proffr 4059 views YA Discussion

Used H&R Block online (‘free’ edition) to do my taxes.

I filed online.
it gave me a couple of statements that my return should take about 21 days (either from the time I filed, or the time they receive it;; not sure). Either way, IRS.gov said it was “Received/Accepted”, a couple days after I filed.

It’s been about..a week&a half, or 2 weeks maybe, since they received it. it still hasn’t been approved.

H&R Block’s website assured me that they have accuracy guarantees, and that my return didn’t show any red flags for an Audit, etc, etc. But I’m kind of getting worried, now.

Is something wrong? Or does it usually take this long?

I’ve never filed online before; I’ve never filed by myself at all. had H&R block do it for me, so I -knew- it was right. This time, though, I didn’t make enough money in 2012 for them to file for me (new laws in place, I guess). So, I had to do it myself, through them, and now i’m worried it’s not going to come through!

Helpplz? :)

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2 Answers

  1. Rob on Mar 02, 2013 Reply

    u will get it any time in next 30 -90 days
    or when ever IRS lets it lose so just wait.

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  2. Kray-Z Freax Inc on Mar 02, 2013 Reply

    The irs is super backed up this yr..previous years i would get my refund like 10 days later. Give it 21 days and if you dont receive anything within that time then call.

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